Churches could learn alot from Pizza Joints

10 Jan

Like it or not ,pizza has now become a significant staple of the modern american diet. Whether delivery or Di Giorno , pizza is now consumed by hundreds of millions of people each day, and continues to rise in sales around the globe. So what makes pizza so special and loved by so many?

 Here are just a few reasons that may give us a clue as to the populalarity of this tasty dish:

  1) It’s hot and ready whenever you want it.

  2) It’s close and convenient to home

   3) It can be eaten in or delivered to your house

   4) It’s advertized regularly

    5)You can choose your own unique flavor

    6) Popular pizza joints are fairly easy to reproduce

    7) Mom and Pop pizza places may be just  as popular as chain restaurants

    8) Pizza tastes good

    9)  Kids seem to love pizza

   10) Pizza brings people together  

Now ,what can local churches learn from the popularity of this global delicacy?

  1) Churches should be ready for new people to walk in thier doors and always deliver a fresh word to thier congregations.

2) Local churches ( like pizza joints) should be close and easily accessible.

3) Local churches should teach the word at the church building ,but can also promote teaching the word in people’s homes and in small groups off campus.

4)Local churches should regularly advertise to thier local communities and not exist ” under the radar”.

 5) Local churches should have thier own ” uniqueness” as they serve thier local communities

6) Local churches that are healthy and growing should look at reproducing themselves in order to reach even more constituents.

7) Local churches also have the freedom to be completely unique–just like a “mom and pop” pizza place that people both love and appreciate.

8)Like pizza , local churches should leave a good “taste in the mouth” to those who come and eat from thier spiritual table

8) Pizza seems to bring people and families together. Isn’t this what we want from our local churches?

9) Kids seem to love the taste of pizza. So why can’t we design ministry that children could love and relate too? Jesus said the kingdom belongs to them!

10) Pizza brings people together for meals , parties, special events…shouldn’t this be the primary role of the church–bringing people together?

Pizza is loved and consumed by so many people. It’s a regular part of our lives. Could the church learn a few things from Pizza joints? I think so.


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