Have You Got the Stones to Prove it ?

3 Jun

Ok. So you’re a twenty something, newly married Israelite traveling with your wife and two small kids with all Israel, plodding through the desert on your way to the “promised land”. Word has it that you’re family has been on this never ending trip through the Ariabian desert for some 40 years. Everyone’s parents have died off except for two older gray heads– Joshua and some guy named Caleb.

Joshua you know. He’s been handed the reigns of leadership from Moses the man of God after he died on Mount Nebo. What you’ve heard about Caleb is that he was one of 12 spies that had slipped into Canaan some forty years ago, and came back with a different report than the others. He (along with Joshua the son of Nun) gave a “good report” to Moses and the people. These two men , standing apart from the other ten spies ,declared that God had promised the land to Israel and it was now time to act! However , the sour songs of the other ten tipped the scales and the rest is history. Now , after all these years , you’re back on the very edges of the promised land–and this time you’re going in!

Joshua instructs the Levites to step into the Jordan before the Israelites. God promises to part the waters once again , just as we had heard he did for our parents back in the day at the Red Sea. To our amazement , God comes through , just as Joshua said he would. The river parts even during flood stage and we walk through on dry ground. What happens next will forever be etched into my memory banks.

Joshua then tells the leader from each of Israel’s 12 tribes to pick up a stone from the middle of the river. They are to carry that stone to the other side and build a monument; a reminder to the generations that will follow , of the miracle God has done here by parting the Jordan , so all of Israel could cross over on dry ground. These 12 stones will forever stand as a marker of God’s miraculous power toward his chosen people Israel.

Now , some 4000 years later , what do we have to show our children? How do we account for the working of God in our lives? Have we got the stones to prove his amazing grace at work? What can we point to ; what memorial do we have to show our children and grandchildren about the greatness of our God? Think about it.


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