Season’s Change

15 Jul

I remember the scene vividly. It was a cold, snowy, Maryland morning in 1984. At 4am, when all Baltimore lay fast asleep, the Baltimore Colts football team made a mad dash out of the city. ESPN had staked the place out , hearing about the inevitable move to the greener pastures of Indianapolis and captured the great escape on video.

The Colts had left thier hoof marks in the record books of the NFL, having won numerous championships with hall of fame quarterback Johnny Unitas at the helm. But the glory days of Unitas were all but a memory , like a cloud of dust from Memorial stadiums’ infield in downtown Baltimore. Semi after Semi loaded down with Colts equipment and merchandise, pulled out of Baltimore under the cloak of darkness , and for the last time , never to be seen again.

The following morning, the local news reported the story and the people of Baltimore were in a frenzy. The Colts leaving the loving comfines of Baltimore was one thing- leaving in the middle of the night was another. “How could they do this to us? ” the people lamented. “We’ve been faithful fans for so long”. “How could anyone treat us this way?”

I wish this story was an anomaly but unfortunately it’s not. The same thing happened in Brooklyn NY, when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. It happened again to St. Louis fans when their beloved Cardinals relocated to Phoenix after the ’88 football season. It happened in the nations capital after countless losing seasons with the Senators baseball team.

Recently , I spoke with a pastor who was dealing with an older member of his congregation over some subtle changes made in the foyer of the church. The man was distraught over the changes that had been made and was nearly in tears. When the pastor asked why he felt the way he did, the man answered. ” Pastor, you don’t understand. This lobby is more than a welcoming area in our church ; I proposed to my wife right over there! And now you’ve gone and changed everything”.

In some ways I understand how he could feel that way. After all, our lives are forever connected to the people and places where memories are made. Many of those memories we cherish. Others we wish had never taken place at all. Together , they make up the story lines of our lives.

What I’m trying to say in all of the above is this: SEASONS CHANGE. People move away. Teams we love- relocate. Sprawling pastures where we once played are now housing developements and business centers. I know that may sound cold and cruel , but its the cold , hard, truth. The only constant we have in our lives is the word of God and God’s promise that he will NEVER leave us or forsake us. He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Just as our bodies inevidably change in the aging process , so do the seasons of our lives. Change to many is seen as a negative thing and something to avoid like the plague , but for us who’ve embraced a new season , it’s like the wafting of fresh bread and hot coffee on a cool, crisp autumn morning.

So journey with me as we learn to wrap our minds around some new thoughts and a new season God is preparing for us just ahead.

Jim Kelly


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