Old Ways Die Hard

20 Jul

People have a hard time with change. Few embrace it. Others dislike it – most abhor it! If it’s true that most people are phlegmatic by nature, they would rather have a root canal than have to change something in their daily routine.

Could you imagine the guys who made thier living repairing buggies and horse drawn carriages back in the day? Let’s just say there’s not a great demand for thier skill set outside the Amish community! When was the last time you saw a buggy whip for sale at your local Megamart? Out with the old and in with the new they say. But old ways die hard and never go down without a fight.

Change comes when the pain of staying the same outways the pain of doing something new.  However, just the mention of doing something different or trying something new can be intimidating to the bravest of souls.

Picture yourself for a moment living in one of the thirteen colonies just prior to the revolutionary war. England has been your sovereign for nearly 100 years. You’ve always been loyal to the crown. But now taxation without any representation in parliament is putting a choke hold on all goods and services that are vital to you and your neighbors. What do you do? Do you rebel and choose to fight along with Washington and his rag-tag group of volunteers, risking life and limb against the strongest military in the world? Or do you hope and pray that somehow, some way, a deal can be struck with Mother England? Either choice could cost you everything you own–maybe even your life. How is that for being stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Old ways are refered to as the “old way” because something better has come along to take it’s place. We know longer have to hassle with “rabbit ears” because sattelite dishes and cable tv have taken its place. We no longer use rotary phones, outhouses, or dial up internet–unless we choose too.  That’s the old way. Modern convenience has made its way into our lives and homes.

There are always a few holdouts who try to hand on to old way, but like the incadescent light bulb, it’s just a matter of time before they’re history. We must be willing to embrace change. Even the sacred scriptures tell us that the “old is gone and the new has come.” Jesus said that a new day would come and a new Jerusalem is coming to the earth. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

When we choose to move out the old in order to make room for the new, we are constantly in a renewal process. There is nothing worse than moldy leftovers and old crusty bread. God has better things for us! He has fresh manna for us each morning if we choose to read his life giving word. The Bible says “he makes everything new!” He has the power to breath new life into our friendships, our families and our marriages! So, lets appreciate the old, but fully embrace the new. “For behold, I am doing something new.”


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