Recapturing your Spirit of Adventure

29 Jul

When I was about 12 years old, my friends and I would venture out to one of our favorite hang out places; the local sand pit. The sand pit was just up the road from the neighborhood. All year round the pit was an amazing place to play, especially in the winter time after a good snow fall. The pit would be covered in a fresh blanket of snow and was ideal for sledding and tobagganing.

In the summer we would swim in the pond, in the fall it was the place to be for racing bikes and propelling down the hills. But every Spring after a storm, the place would fill up with mud, and the temptation to trudge through it was too tempting to pass up for this 12 year old dare devil and his fellow mudslingers.

I distinctly remember one Spring day when we dared each other to jump over a newly discovered muck-hole. Mark, one of my dare devil compadres (who didn’t have a fearful bone in his body), was the first to attempt the jump, not realizing that this muckhole was actually a pit of quickmud! As he landed, one foot hit the dry ground and the other  landed directly in the muck. Within seconds his right leg had sunk three feet to his knee and he was going down fast, screaming for us to save him. Needless to say, after laughing at his ordeal, it took three of us 12 year olds to tug him out of that muck. Everything was saved and accounted for except his right boot. It was sucked down the hole–never to be found again!

Some may hear a story like that and want to scold that young boy for attempting to jump across the quickmud. I’m sure his parents had something to say about him losing his boot too! But I applauded my friend for attempting something that no one else attempted. Call him impetuous, call him foolish, but isn’t life about taking chances? Trying things that no one else has attempted? Let me ask you a direct question. When was the last time you attempted something that had some risk tied to it? Do you still possess a sense of adventure in your life? In your business? In your ministry?

There is something about recapturing the spirit of adventure in our lives. Risk taking is not a bad thing if the payoff far outweighs the fallout of the risk! Ask yourself this question: What’s the worst that can happen if I try? Does the payoff  far outweigh the fallout if it fails? Nothing new would ever be attempted if we play it safe all of the time. There is a time and a season for everything –including jumping over muckholes!


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