16 Aug

Jesus knew who he was from the very beginning. Even as a twelve year old he understood his position in the kingdom and why he was sent. His words confounded the teachers of the law, and his questions cut to the heart of thier consciences.  Know one had to remind Jesus that he was the Son of God. However, that didn’t stop the continual attacks of the enemy.

One of Satan’s tactics is to cause people to question who they are. Misperception and confusion is the name of the game. If he attacked the Son of God in this manner, its just a matter of time before he uses the same strategy on us. Let me take you to the story of Jesus going one on one with Satan , while fasting for forty days in the desert.

Jesus has been fasting for days on end. He’s tired, he’s lonely and the Bible says that he was hungry. Not a very good position to “fight the good fight” from–at least in your own strength. Just then, the devil says to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.” Do you see the strategy here? Yes, the temptation to create bread was certainly in front of him , but the greater temptation is to doubt who he was. “If you are the Son of God”, satan says.

The devil strikes back again in order to plant seeds of  doubt in Jesus’ mind when he says ” If you are the Son of God, jump off the top of this temple, for the Scriptures say that “he will order his angels to protect you and guard you”. Notice that the devil even uses scripture in an attempt to confuse the Son of God.

Jesus overcame these temptations by speaking the word of God back to the enemy with authority and clarity. He did not preach , nor did he pray. The word of God says he proclaimed what the word of God said and stood his ground by faith. Satan may have lost round one of this fight , but he would be back again at an opportune time.

All through the gospels , people continually questioned who Jesus was. Is he Elijah? Is he one of the prophets? Is he John the Baptist back from the dead? Even his own brothers doubted who he was! Some said “Isn’t he the carpenters son? Don’t we know his brothers and sisters? How can he say he is the Son of God? One time after Jesus preached a strong message, he asked his disciples that same question. Who do you say that I am? Then Peter , under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit says to the Lord ” You are the son of the living God. ”

God’s word tells us that we who have been born again by the Spirit are the sons and daughters of God himself. His eye is constantly upon us and his love and compassion are beyond description. Like a good shepherd he watches over his flock and meets our every need. He forgives us, heals us, delivers us from evil, and sings over his people with joy!

Don’t allow the enemy to pull the wool over your eyes. He is the author of misperceptions. He is a liar and the father of lies. You are who GOD says you are. Don’t listen to the voice of doubt and fear and unbelief. Trust God’s word. It is the very source of life and truth.


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