Is New always Better?

8 Nov

Lately, I’ve been contemplating about this digital life we’ve all been living for a while now. It’s not that I detest all the newest high tech gadgets or my DVR ( which I must admit is quite awesome), it just seems to me, we are losing touch, slowly but surely with present reality.
Breathing outside air for more than 10 minutes is now something strangely unique for many. Children playing hide and go seek in the yard after school is now a sight to see. Grandparents spending time with their grandkids is now relegated to a once a year roadtrip, most likely fueled by guilt rather than a longing to see those who actually brought us into this world!
Those things are always a concern, but what really troubles me is what I hear happening within local churches. Today, I was speaking to a pastor over coffee, and he told me that a local church just down the road had pushed the word of God aside, in order to teach and preach thier own new doctrine.
New doctrine? What new doctrine? Since when do we push the word of God aside for some new doctrine? No doubt, there are seasons when we learn something new or have fresh revelation about a scripture or truth. But there is never a time to push away from the word of God. Didn’t Jesus and the apostle Paul warn us about these days? Is new always better? Are we being deceived?
1Corinthians 4:6 says “do not go beyond what is written”. This is Paul’s admonition to the church in Corinth, who were known to be a pretty wild and undisciplined bunch of baby believers. These are the very ones that need the unfiltered, unadulterated word of God.
The prophet Jeremiah did his very best to warn Israel of impending doom. God, in his infinite mercy spoke these words through the young prophet when he said in Jeremiah 6:16 ” Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, an you will find rest for your souls.
So…the question is: What is the good way? What are the ancient paths? I believe they are the foundational truths that repeat time and again throughout the word of God. Here are just a few of those ancient paths.
Love God first and foremost. This has been and always will be a foundation stone in the word. Believe his word. This is what our forefathers like Abraham, Moses and the Prophets were challenged to do. Seek his face. We are promised that if we seek him we will find him, if we search for him with all our hearts. Love others as you are loved by God himself. You can find that truth peppered throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
These are just a few of the ancient paths and good ways God has always taught and will continue to teach his people from now through eternity. In reality, there is no new truth; only old truths that are being revealed to a new generation of hungry believers and seekers.
Is the new way better? Not always. Especially when people try to replace or improve on the word of God. If it’s perfect–and the word says it is… don’t mess with it. Live it. Walk in it. Breath it in.


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