The Tebow Effect

20 Dec

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, without access to a tv screen, radio or any connection with the outside world, you’ve no doubt heard about Tim Tebow. Timmy, as his family and friends affectionately call him, is an amazing young man and one talented football player, who almost never was.

The story goes that Tim’s mother had serious complications during her pregnancy, and was asked by her doctors to consider the option of terminating the pregnancy. After prayer and obtaining counsel, she decided to let the pregnancy run its natural course–and low and behold–Tim Tebow was born; a happy and totally healthy baby, and wonderful addition to this missionary family.

Though Timmy was home schooled, he was always actively involved in the local sports scene. After growing to the height of 6ft. 4 inches and starring at quarterback for Neece High School, Tim was recruited by the University of Florida, where he helped lead the Gators to two national championships and received the Heisman Trophy as the most outstanding football player in the nation.

Yes, Tim Tebow is a one talented football player. But maybe his best attribute is his ability to light a fire in the hearts and minds of those who play the game alongside him. His love for God is undeniable. His passion for football seems unquenchable. But I believe it’s his enthusiasm that sets him apart from the rest of the NFL. Some call it the “Tebow effect”.

The word enthusiasm comes from the latin word meaning “having God within” . (En) meaning ” in”, thus ( derived from the word theos meaning God ) and (ism) denoting action to the word. All in all you have the word enthusiasm meaning: The God within promoting action on the outside for all to see.

Yes, there are quarterbacks with more skill than Tim Tebow. No doubt, he has a long way to go before he becomes a super star quarterback in the NFL like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or a Drew Brees. But no one is more enthusiastic than Timmy Tebow. And that is why he and his Denver Broncos will continue to succeed in the years to come.



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